Homage to Three Harpsichord Composers

for Baroque Harpsichord

Composed by Robert T. Kelley, Completed in August 1999

The first of the three harpsichord pieces follows the form and style of a Scarlatti Sonata, complete with martial rhythms and biting dissonances. The second piece uses the Rondeau form favored by Couperin in his Ordres (Keyboard Suites) and exploits the dissonances created from an elaborate style brisé based on various arpeggiation patterns. The suite is completed by a traditional three-voice fugue in 18th-century style, with the attention to motive and contrapuntal exhaustiveness for which Bach is famous.

  1. Essercizio (Sonata), after Domenico Scarlatti
  2. Rondeau: Les Baricades Fantasques, after François Couperin
  3. Double Fugue, after Johann Sebastian Bach
Approximate duration: 8 minutes

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