Guide to Learning Piano:
Reference Materials for the Student Pianist

Note: This cannot serve to replace private instruction in music. It is intended to function as a resource for students and prospective students who are looking for help on learning to play the piano. Fingering charts and other reference materials are listed under References for More Advanced Students.


  1. Getting Started with Piano Lessons
    1. Finding a teacher
    2. Before your first lesson
  2. The first few lessons
    1. The Playing Position
    2. Five-Finger Patterns
    3. The Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant Seventh Chords
    4. Playing Hands Separately and Hands Together
  3. References for more advanced students
    1. Major and Minor Scales (with fingerings)
    2. Major and Minor Arpeggios (with fingerings)
    3. Block Chords with Inversions (these may also be played arpeggiated)
    4. How to Play with a Good Sound
    5. Establishing a Productive Practice Routine
  4. Learning repertoire
    1. Learning Music Quickly
    2. How to Memorize
    3. Critiquing your Performance
    4. Listening and Interpretation Skills