Brass Quintet in E Flat

Composed by Robert Kelley March - July 1997

This work is a study in musical palindromes. The first movement uses reversible harmonic progressions. The Calypso and Trio are both actual palindromes, where the second section of the binary form is the first section played backwards (the form is taken from the Minuet and Trio of Haydn's "Palindrome" Symphony). The fugue uses a subject that, during the course of the movement, appears both in inversion (upside-down) and retrograde (backwards). The Crab Puzzles are short musical palindromes (same form as the Calypso) based on fragmentary motives that make up the themes of the first and last movements. The whole work is organized into an "arch form," which is a large-scale palindrome.

  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Crab Puzzle 1
  3. Retrograde Calypso and Retrograde Trio
  4. Crab Puzzle 2
  5. Fugue
Dur. = Approx. 10 mins.

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