Music Theory

1. Dissertation

Transformations Modulo 7 in Extended Tonality

2. Music Theory Papers:

Charting Enharmonicism on the Just Intonation Tonnetz, 2002-3
In the Dark Shadow: Enharmonic Equivalence as Subtext in Two Wolf Lieder, 2003
Reconciling Tonal Conflicts: Mod-7 Transformations in Chromatic Music, 2004
Evaluating Prolongation in Extended Tonality, 2005
A Mathematical Model of Tonal Function, 2006
Sacred Harp Harmony: A Part-Writing Primer for Shape-Note Hymnody, 2009

3. Musicology Essays:

Tradition, the Avant Garde, and Individuality in the Music of Olivier Messiaen, 2000
Dramatic Themes in John Eccles's Semele, 2005

4. Translations:

Nivers, G.G. 1689. L'Art d'Accompagner sur la Basse Continue Pour l'Orgue et le Clavecin , 2001

6. Pedagogical Materials for Music Theory, Ear Training, Analysis, and Composition:

A. Tonal Harmony Reference Materials
B. Form and Analysis Topical Outline
C. Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint
D. Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis: A Philosophical Basis for the Importance of Analysis.
E. Introduction to Analysis of Post-Functional ("Atonal") Music

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